Form RLA, Residential Listing Agreement-Exclusive

Forms are hard copy only and not provided digitally. All sales on single forms are final.

Standard Residential Listing Agreement. Spells out Brokers and Sellers duties, and the terms of the listing. Includes a declaration that Seller has the authority to execute the listing Agreement contract. The 2-page Seller Advisory (C.A.R. Form SA) is attached, which advises the Seller of various issues and legal requirements that may arise during the selling process. Each form is a 5-page, 15-part set.

This package also contains the following forms:

  • AD - Disclosure Regarding Real Estate Agency Relationship
  • PRBS - Possible Representation Of More Than One Buyer Or Seller

Added a section regarding NAR Clear Cooperation Rule. Also reorganized the information regarding MLS benefits and other MLS issues. Added section regarding public marketing. Added language regarding Broker submitting offers timely and advising Seller to obtain HOA documents in advance, if applicable. Added language to clarify the broker’s use of Keysafe/Lockbox.

Revised June 2020

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