Form NTT, Notice of Termination of Tenancy

Forms are hard copy only and not provided digitally. All sales on single forms are final.

Thirty-Day Notice of Termination of Tenancy. Used to give month-to-month tenants notice that tenancy is coming to an end. Indicates that while a landlord is obligated to give 60 days notice to terminate a periodic tenancy, if a tenant has resided in the property for less than a year, or if the buyer intends to live in the property, then 30 days notice may be given to a tenant. May also be used at appropriate time prior to the end of a fixed term lease. The version of this form is the legally binding form that must be used and signed by all parties when this form is delivered. 

Form was modified to be used for property that are covered, as well as not covered, under the Tenant Protection Act. It has a separate section for termination that is allowed under the TenantProtection Act, with those reasons that are allowed under the act. It provides information on the Tenant Protection Act and about using the appropriate forms.

(Intended to be used for periodic tenancies)

Revised October 2021

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